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"V is for Vehicle - the kind with two wheels, so much cooler than automobiles." - Coraline (2009)

"Vacations can be deadly" - The Toybox (2018)

"Vaccines don't kill, people do." - Dead on Arrival (2017)

"Valerie's about to discover how far a girl has to go to find Mr. Right." - Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

"Valor depends on love" - No Greater Love (2017)

"Vampires rule the world and the most precious resource is human blood" - Daybreakers (2010)

"Vegas has a new high roller" - Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

"Vegas isn't the only place to win big." - Army of Thieves (2021)

"Vengeance always has a price" - Seeking Justice (2011)

"Vengeance bites back" - Slayers (2022)

"Vengeance cannot be denied" - The Duel (2016)

"Vengeance comes at a price." - The Debt (2011)

"Vengeance for the right price" - Dead for A Dollar (2022)

"Vengeance has a name" - Punisher: War Zone (2008)

"Vengeance hits home" - Furious 7 (2015)

"Vengeance hits home" - Close Range (2015)

"Vengeance is a journey with no return" - Aftermath (2017)

"Vengeance is beautiful" - Colombiana (2011)

"Vengeance is born in hell" - Between Worlds (2018)

"Vengeance is golden" - Sisu (2023)

"Vengeance is hers" - Carjacked (2011)

"Vengeance is on the horizon" - Skylines (2020)

"Vengeance is only the beginning..." - Moscow Heat (2005)

"Vengeance is the ultimate weapon" - War (2007)

"Vengeance knows no mercy." - The Protector (2006)

"Vengeance never dies" - Blade of the Immortal (2017)

"Vengeance never dies." - Typhoon (2006)

"Vengeance returns" - Underworld: Awakening (2012)

"Vengeance runs in the family" - Extraction (2015)

"Vengeance thy name is woman" - I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu (2019)

"Vengeance unleashed" - Muzzle (2023)

"Vengeance unleashed" - DogMan (2023)

"Vengeance will rise" - Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance (2023)

"Venom runs deep" - Inherit the Viper (2020)

"Venus, Serena and a plan for greatness" - King Richard (2021)

"Veruca is a very bad nut" - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

"Very romantic. Very comedy." - Love Actually (2003)

"VHS goes to hell" - V/H/S/99 (2022)

"Vicky wants what's best for her mother. Charlie's close enough." - Passionada (2003)

"Victim or voyeur?" - Social Suicide (2015)

"Victim. Vampire. Assassin." - Rise: Blood Hunter (2007)

"Victor Crowley is back" - Hatchet II (2010)

"Victory begins in the heart" - Champion (2017)

"Vietnam, 1975. The untold story of their fight for freedom." - Journey from the Fall (2007)

"View at your own risk" - Demon House (2018)

"Vigilante justice... it's a real blast!" - Beer for My Horses (2008)

"Villains aren't born. They're made." - Kraven the Hunter (2024)

"Violence is a language people understand" - Dirty (2005)

"Violence is golden." - C.L.A.B. (2021)

"Violet and Corky are making laundry day a very big deal." - Bound (1996)

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