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2009 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Serious Tagline Nominees

Fast and Furious

New model. Original parts
The Girlfriend Experience

See it with someone you ****

Do ask. Do tell.

We were warned
Where the Wild Things Are

There's one in all of us.

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

Duy Nguyen01-11-2010 13:50 [E,W]
These are all good except perhaps 2012. I'd go with Girlfriend Experience.

phil01-11-2010 14:35 [E,W]
The Girlfriend Experience.

Tim01-11-2010 16:20 [E,W]
100% The Girlfriend Experience... and I really don't know why 2010 is even considered... there were so many that were so much better... Moon for example.

Royla01-11-2010 16:50 [E,W]
I like either Fast and Furious and Girlfriend Experience,
but how come Taken wasn't nominated in this category?

Ice Wolf01-11-2010 19:34 [E,W]
The Girlfriend Experience

isaac01-11-2010 20:28 [E,W]
The Girlfriend Experience

movierator01-11-2010 21:57 [E,W]
I think it's a tie between the girlfriend exprence and where the wild things are. the gilfriiend experence was a little bit bold with the statement it came up with!

but the wild things are send a message to the viewer is that everyone have a bit of monsters inside us, and some of those monsters are good!

dogsoldier01-12-2010 10:38 [E,W]
definatly not Fast and Furious, it sounds so awful.

I'd have to go with ''Where The Wild Things Are''. All of the monsters represent a feeling that everyone has once in a while. I love that tagline.

chris01-13-2010 02:11 [E,W]
The Girlfriend Experience, by far.

kara01-13-2010 01:28 [E,W]
I think the Wild Things line is the best. Girlfriend Experience is good in that it stands out, but it's not as communicative as the Wild Things line.

Johnny01-13-2010 17:43 [E,W]
My vote goes for 2012.
It's a chilling tagline that gets me thinking.

Rodrigo01-13-2010 20:34 [E,W]
The Girlfriend Experience! f*** yeah!

minlshaw01-13-2010 22:42 [E,W]
''Girlfriend'', for its originality and daring.