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2008 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Serious Tagline Nominees

Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

Is it still cheating if everyone's doing it?

Some thing has found us.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

We are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.
The Dark Knight

Why so serious?

What makes us different makes us beautiful.

and the winner is...

 Comments on the Nominees

Chuck01-12-2009 16:15 [E,W]
The Dark Knight - why so serious?

It has been said 10000 times this year because of the tagline in the movie!

Billy01-12-2009 22:50 [E,W]
''Some Thing Has Found Us''. The perfect tagline for this kind of movie.

Sarah01-12-2009 23:31 [E,W]
Some thing has found us.

ak russian01-13-2009 12:08 [E,W]
something has found us! Great attention.

Yellow Jacket01-13-2009 20:57 [E,W]
As great as the ''Why So Serious?'' quote is, I have to go with ''Some thing has found us''. It just sets the perfect mood for the movie.

Anonymous01-13-2009 19:18 [E,W]
The Dark Knight, definitely. It's iconic now.

omarwall01-16-2009 22:46 [E,W]
The Dark Knight

Rodrigo Ramos01-18-2009 18:36 [E,W]
The Dark Knight.
''Why so Serious?'' is the line of 2008!

kermit32604-16-2009 13:06 [E,W]
Dark knight, our senior shirts had them on the back. very commonly used line

Diogo01-15-2009 08:34 [E,W]
Why So Serious? - The Dark Knight

Brady01-16-2009 13:36 [E,W]
''Something has found us.'' That is one of the coolest taglines ever. ''Why so serious?'' is amazing after you've seen the movie, but beforehand, it's just okay. Cloverfield for the win.